Estudio de la fisiología cardiaca mediante Ecocardiografía Doppler: Principios físicos.

D. Rodríguez Pérez, R. Yotti, C. Cortina, M.M. Desco, J.C. del Álamo, M. Alhama, Y. Benito, J.L. Rojo-Álvarez, F. Fernández Avilés, J. Bermejo, J.C. Antoranz


Diagnosis in Medicine is currently based on biomarkers and medical imaging. It is clear that all the modalities of medical imaging are nowadays more detailed than ever. However, the extraction of quantitative measures from those images is a more recent tool in medical practice. Physical techniques generating medical images provide an enormous amount of data. These numerical data must be correlated to clinically interesting parameter values. Medical Physics can indicate some models of analysis of these data, simplifying them and, for this reason, adapting them to the daily medical practice. We show in this paper some applications in echocardiography.

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