Análisis de la extensión de la magnitud de trabajo al contexto relativista.

Juan Manuel Sánchez Ferrer


In the final analysis, to rigorously establish the relativistic magnitude of work, it is not possible to use physical concepts such that cannot be considered in relativistic context. Thus, to establish the magnitude of relativistic work, it is not sufficient to base considerations on certain formulas chosen because they are more or less analogous to those in a Newtonian context for the magnitude of work. This is the fundamental conclusion of the article, given that the majority of attemps that have most frequently been considered, as a reference to introduce the relativistic magnitude of work, are based on the Newtonian formula for work (work = force x distance). The situation referred to contrast with how the Newtonian formula for work can be deduced, as shown at the beginning of the article, departing from empirical concepts considered exclusively in the Newtonian context.

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