Láseres sin inversión de población.

Jordi Mompart, Verónica Ahufinger, Ramón Corbalán


The most commonly used lasers operate with population inversion. This requires an incoherent pumping power (from lamps, electrical discharges, etc.) that rapidly scales with the frequency of the generated laser radiation. In practice, this is the main obstacle for the operation in the continuous-wave regime of short-wavelength lasers in the UV, X-rays, etc. But lasers can also operate without population inversion using atomic coherences excited in the laser medium by coherent pumping with another laser. We present in this paper a short review of the field of lasing without inversion (LWI). In particular, we summarize the basic physics of LWI in the framework of both semiclassical theory and quantumjump formalism to describe light-matter interaction. We also review the experimental state-of-the-art in LWI. Most proof-of-principle demonstrations of LWI have used atomic vapours, so far. But recently gain without inversion (a pre-requisite for lasing) has been observed also in a technologically relevant medium: semiconductor nanostructures that can be tailored to have “artificial atom” electron states.

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