Célulares solares de semiconductores III-V para la generaciónde electricidad a costes competitivos.

Carlos Algora, Ignacio Rey-Stolle, Beatriz Galiana, Iván García, José Ramón González, Mathieu Baudrit, Victoria Corregidor


This paper describes the strategy carried out by the Instituto de Energía Solar of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in order to achieve photovoltaic electricity at competitive costs. The approach consists of using III-V concentrator solar cells operating at light concentrations of 1000 suns or higher. The solar cells have a size of about 1 mm2 and are manufactured with technologies of Optolectronics. Both are key points in order to achieve low prices.

In a first stage, single junction GaAs solar cells with a peak efficiency of 26.2% at 1000 suns were achieved by using LPE as growth technology. In a second stage, multijunction solar cells grown by MOVPE are being developed. The first GaInP/GaAs dual junction solar cells manufactured have achieved efficiencies of 27-28%. It is expected to achieve efficiencies of 30% at 1000 suns in the next future.

The Spanish company Isofotón is developing concentrator photovoltaic panels based on this approach and the first prototypes of panels have been already achieved. Complete photovoltaic installations based on this approach would produce electricity at the same cost than the present cost of electricity in Spain: 3 c€/kWh. This will be a real breakthrough in the renewable energies.

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