Las ondas de materia propuestas por Broglie.

Jesús Unturbe


Louis de Broglie put forward the idea of wave-particle duality in 1923-24, less than two years before the advent of Quantum Mechanics. This last theory assumes that duality, but in a more abstract and counter-intuitive manner than de Broglie did. In this article the wave behavior of matter is presented in a didactic way following de Broglie´s ideas. This kind of presentation may (hopefully) be helpful to better understand the quantum features in a more intuitive way. It is shown that this wave mechanics, in the framework of the theory of relativity, is compatible with Planck´s quantum and explains as well the particle´s dynamics, provided the uncertainty relations are properly incorporated. The main difficulty with this view lies in its interpreting the wave as a non-local entity

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