20 años de investigación con técnicas de neutrones en España

L. Fernández Barquín, A. Arbe, F.H. Bermejo, J. Campo, G.J. Cuello, J.L. García Muñoz, V. García Sakai, P. Gorria, J. Gutiérrez


A summary of the scientific activity of the Spanish community over the last 20 years using neutron scattering techniques is presented. Neutron techniques are well-established to study matter covering different research interests, from life sciences to materials engineering. The activity can be divided into three development stages, starting with the pioneering years, followed by the consolidation period, which was promoted through the agreement with the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and, since approximately 1996, the full maturity. The Spanish community is very active with a significant publication record and the development of instrumentation, both mostly achieved in two world-leading neutron centres, ILL and Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory ISIS (UK). The construction of a new European neutron source will open up scientific and technological possibilities and challenges to improve the existing activity.

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