Hidruros sólidos como acumuladores de Hidrógeno.

Asunción Fernández, Carlos Sánchez, Oliver Friedrichs, José Ramón Ares, Fabrice Leardini, Julio Bodega, José Francisco Fernández


Metal hydrides as hydrogen storage materials are briefly reviewed in this paper. Fundamental properties of metal-hydrogen (gas) system such as Pressure-Composition-Temperature (P-C-T) characteristics are discussed on the light of the metal-hydride thermodynamics. Attention is specially paid to light metal hydrides which might have application in the car and transport sector. The pros and cons of MgH2 as a light material are outlined. Researches in course oriented to improve the behaviour of MgH2 are presented. Finally, other very promising alternative materials such as Al compounds (alanates) or borohydrides as light hydrogen accumulators are also considered. Nos PACS: 82.60.Cx; 68.47.De; 81.07.Bc; 64.70.kd; 82.47.Cb

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